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Leaves: The leaf arrangement is opposite. Leaves can reach 13cm in length (5inches). Each leaf is toothed, ovate to lanceolate with a rounded base. Petioles 1 to 3cm (0.4-.75") long.
Flowers: The flowers are irregular in shape . They are white or yellowish. Blooms first appear in mid summer and continue into early fall. The flowers are in a compact rounded head, usually single and terminal but sometimes with another head stacked above the first on the same stem. The lower lip of the flower is usually marked with purple spots. Bracts white or marked with white.

Plant Type: This is a herbaceous plant, it is a perennial which can reach 100cm in height (39inches).

Habitat: Woods. Mostly mountains in our area.
Range: Much of northeastern U. S. as far south as the mountains of South Carolina.