Leaves - Basal and lowest leaves on long petioles. Petioles to -20cm long, glabrous. Blades 3-lobed, to 8cm long, 6cm broad, glabrous. Lobes somewhat divided again, with rounded teeth. Upper leaves alternate, becoming sessile near apex of stem, typically 3-lobed, glabrous, +10cm broad, 8-9cm long.

Inflorescence - Single flowers on short or long peduncles terminating branches, often appearing axillary. Peduncles glabrous or with few sparse hairs, subtended by simple to lobed foliaceous bracts (uppermost leaves).


Flowers - Petals 5, yellow, shiny above, dull below, free, 3-4mm long, 2mm broad, broadly oblong to elliptic, glabrous, with cup-like nectary at base. Stamens +/-20, from base of pistils. Filaments to 2mm long, glabrous, pale yellow. Anthers yellow, .3mm long. Pistils in a cylindric head expanding in fruit to +2cm long, 1cm in diameter. Achenes glabrous, tuberculate, to 1.3mm long, slightly compressed, with minute beak. Sepals 4, ovate, reflexed to spreading, falling early, free, 2.5-3mm long, 2mm broad, pubescent externally, cupped, yellow-green.