However, dandelions are used as an herbal remedy, and can be bought dried in herbal stores at $20 or more a pound. But you can gather your own fresh dandelion and dry it yourself.

First, make a positive identification of the plant and gather only perfect ones. Also make sure that you gather it where no pesticides have been used. Dry in a warm, airy place, out of sunlight. Store the dried leaves and flowers in a brown paper bag, to keep mold from forming on them.

Dandelion is a blood purifier. The root has digestive enzymes. Dandelion is a laxative. It promotes liver function. Dandelion leaves are a powerful diuretic. And they improve the appetite. Dandelion restores and improves the entire system, and increases liver, pancreas and spleen activity.

 Dandelion also stimulates the body’s production of insulin. Water retention and gout respond well to dandelion. Because it is high in natural sodium, it protects the lining of the stomach and joints, thereby helping to relieve ulcers and arthritis. It has even been found useful in some cases of low blood pressure and anemia.

Dandelion is a good weed!


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You can, of course, use dandelion leaves fresh, in salads and juicing. Dandelion is packed with vitamin A and C, and has a good dosage of potassium. Dandelion is listed in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia. Some mention has been made as to the use of dandelion against certain malignant tumors, but there is no scientific evidence to back this up.