a cluster of flowers
a hairy unopened flower

Stems erect, not viny, 2-4(-6) dm, pubescent or pilose to ± tomentose or hirsute. Leaves simple. Leaf blade elliptic-lanceolate to ovate, unlobed, 3.5-8(-10) × 1.5-5(-6.5) cm, thin, not conspicuously reticulate; surfaces abaxially glabrous to sparsely (rarely more densely) villous on veins, not glaucous. Inflorescences terminal, flowers solitary; bracts absent.



Flowers narrowly urn-shaped; sepals purplish, yellowish toward tips, oblong-lanceolate, (1.1-)1.4-3 cm, margins not expanded or less than 1 mm wide, thin, not crispate, tomentose, tips obtuse, spreading to recurved, abaxially silky- to woolly-pubescent. Achenes: bodies pilose; beak white to pale yellow, (1.5-)2-4(-4.5) cm, plumose. 2 n = 16.