Inflorescences racemes to panicles, elongate, many flowered; peduncles and pedicels sometimes stipitate-glandular. Flowers usually unisexual, staminate and pistillate on different plants; sepals 4(-6), whitish, ovate to oblanceolate, (2-)3-4 mm; filaments white, slightly clavate, 2.5-7.8 mm, ± flexible; anthers (0.7-)1.2-2.7(-3) mm, blunt to apiculate. Achenes 8-16, sessile or slightly stipitate; stipe 0.2-1.7 mm; body lanceolate to ellipsoid, 3.5-5 mm, prominently veined, usually stipitate-glandular; beak ± persistent, linear-filiform, (1-)1.5-3.3(-5) mm, ± equal to length of achene body. 2 n = 140.

Flowering spring-summer (Mar-Jul). Dry open woods, brushy banks, thickets, barrens, and prairies; 30-2000 m.


entire plant