Flowers - Petals 5, spreading to reflexed, pinkish internally, darker externally (abaxially), to 7mm long, 3.2mm broad, glabrous, acute, elliptic. Hoods whitish to pinkish tinged, 3-4mm long, glabrous, subacute at apex, connected at the base to the anther column. Horns to 3mm long, white, glabrous, converging over the column. Column purplish, 2mm long, -2mm in diameter, white at apex. Pollinia 1mm long, terminator deep purple. Pistils 2, green, 2mm long, glabrous. Ovules many.

flowers close up


note four leaf whorl

Flowering - May - July.

Habitat - Rich or dry rocky open woods, on upland slopes or ridges.

Origin - Native to U.S.

Inflorescence - Terminal and axillary umbels in the apical portion of the stems with +/-15 flowers. Pedicels to 2cm long, tomentoulose on one side, purplish pink.