Inflorescence - Few axillary pedunculate umbels near the apex of the stems. Peduncles to +/-7cm long, erect, sparse pubescent but tomentoulose on one side. Flowers +/-50 per umbel. Pedicels to +/-2cm long, tomentoulose, subtended by linear bracts. Bracts withering quickly, to +/-6mm long, pubescent.

Flowers - Petals 5, reflexed to spreading, purplish-pink, glabrous, to +1cm long, +/-4mm broad, acute, oblong-lanceolate, entire. Hoods purplish-pink, +/-7mm long (tall), glabrous, connected at the base below the anther column. Horns purplish-white, 2mm long, down-curved and converging at the apex of the anther column. Anther column mostly green (white at the apex), 3-4mm in diameter. Pollinia to -2mm long, the connective deep purple. Pistils 2, glabrous, light green, 3mm long in flower.

Flowering - May - July.

Habitat - Rocky open woods, glades, prairies, stream banks, wet meadows and valleys, thickets, roadsides.

Origin - Native to U.S.


the shape of the entire plant

Other info. - This species also attracts many flying insects and would be a great addition to a butterfly garden. The stems of produce copious amounts of milky sap when injured. This sap can be irritating to some and is toxic if ingested or rubbed in the eyes.