Flowers - Corolla white (rarely purplish), funnelform, 5-lobed, 2cm long, 1.5cm broad at apex, glabrous externally and internally. Lobes acute. Stamens 5, included or slightly exserted, adnate just above the base of the corolla tube. Filaments white, to 1cm long, mostly glabrous but with thick pubescence at the base. Anthers pinkish-purple, 1.3mm long, +1mm broad. Ovary superior, conic, green, with long ascending pubescence, 1.3mm in diameter (in flower), subtended by green nectariferous ring, 2-locular, 4-seeded. Placentation axile. Style white, glabrous, equaling stamens. Stigma biglobose, white, 2mm in diameter. Sepals 5, green, distinct, glabrous internally and externally but with long ciliate margins, oblong, acuminate, to +1cm long, 3-5mm broad, typically with 3-4 evident veins externally.

Inflorescence - Single or double axillary flowers. Pedicel short (to 1.5cm long), thick, angled, minutely tuberculate, typically with a pair of opposite bracts in the apical 1/3. Bracts to 3mm long, attenuate to subulate.


Leaves - Alternate, petiolate. Petioles to +3cm long, sparse pilose (sometimes in lines), with a shallow adaxial groove. Blades ovate when mature, pandurate to 3-lobed when young, entire or with 1-2 coarse teeth, acute, typically cordate, sparse pubescent above, pubescent below, to 5cm long, 4cn broad.