EDIBLE PARTS: Young shoots eaten as potherb. Boiling destroys irritant. Add to stews or soups.


HARVEST TIME: Only collect young shoots from areas you know have NOT been treated with pesticides. Collect the young shoots in the spring. Wear gloves while collecting shoots; the shoots can cause a stinging effect.


SAFE HANDLING PROCEDURES: Soak young shoots in warm water to remove dirt and debris. Do not use dish detergent or any type of sanitizer. These products can leave a residue. Place young shoots in boiling, salted water (with a pair of kitchen tongs) and boil for five minutes. Serve as a vegetable or add to soups. The stinging quality disappears after cooking. SOURCE: Crowhurst, A. 1972. The Weed Cookbook. Lancer Books, Inc. New York, 190 pp.

another view of the plant

Poisonous Part: Stinging hairs on all parts.

Symptoms: Intense burning and itching or stinging lasting usually less than an hour.