Additional Information
Easy to identify by its distinctive, nodding, pastel lilac-pink flowers, Nodding Onion survives in challenging sites. Native to the US, this diminutive 1-2' Allium thrives on rocky outcrops, dry woodlands, and bone dry prairies. In the garden tuck a handful here and there, among rockery, in the woodland popping up through Carex foliage, nestled up
against a tree trunk, or in the sunny rock garden. It readily reseeds. If this is not desired, deadhead when the flowers fade.

Traditional and folk remedies
- high in Vitamin A
- good for preventing scurvy
- used in strong teas for intestinal worms

Traditional and folk uses
- used as flavoring for meats and soups
- squirrels use onions as food
- onion bulbs cooked (Ill. State Museum)