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Alien: Native of Europe.

Identification: Plant upright. Flowers arranged in small, open, terminal racemes (flowers with long flower stalks arranged around a stem). Flowers bright blue with darker streaks on the petals and 2 spreading stamens. Flower with 4 petals, the lower smaller than the lateral and top petals. Center of flower white. Stems hairy. Leaves ovate, in opposite pairs, and sessile to the stem. Leaf outer margin coarsely toothed. Plant 4 to 12 inches in height.

Distribution: Wisconsin in the west to New England in the east, southward to North Carolina and Missouri. Also occurs in the northwestern United States.

Habitat: Bird's-eye Speedwell is a weedy species found in fields, empty lots, and along roadsides.

Flowering period: May to September.

Similar Species: The bright blue flowers with a center white spot and the arrangement of flowers in a terminal raceme rather than solitary in the leaf axils will distinguish this species from other speedwells with ovate, toothed leaves.