Inflorescence - Terminal umbel of 2-many flowers. Flowers subtended by 1-2 foliaceous bracts. Bracts sessile, pubescent, broader and shorter than the leaves. Flowers opening a few at a time. Pedicels pinkish-green, +/-2.5cm long, densely spreading pubescent with short and long multicellular hairs.

Habitat - Mesic to dry upland forests, shaded ledges of bluffs, open rocky woods, glade edges, railroads.

Origin - Native to U.S.


Flowers - Petals 3, purple to pinkish-red, broadly ovate, to 2cm long and broad, glabrous, spreading. Stamens 6, erect. Filaments +/-6mm long, purple, glabrous in the apical 1/2, densely pubescent with long, purple, multicellular hairs in the basal 1/2. Anthers yellow, 2-lobed, +2.5mm broad. Ovary light green, glabrous, 2mm long, +/-1.3mm broad. Style +3mm long, glabrous, purplish. Sepals 3, to 1.5cm long, +/-7mm broad, elliptic, entire, slightly inflated, acute, densely pubescent externally, glabrous internally, distinct.