This perennial, herbaceous species has prostrate stems reaching up to 1.5m long, ranging from glabrous to villous. It has alternate leaf arrangement. The petioles are ciliate and range from 3 to 5cm in length. It has pinnate, trifoliate leaves, with leaflets that are round or ovate. The terminal leaflet is 3-7cm; often wider than it is long and usually larger than the lateral leaflets. Leaflets are villous on both surfaces, and with entire
margins. The stipules are up to 1 cm long and 7mm broad, ovate with acuminate tips. Stipels
are present on all three leaflets, linear and as much as 3mm in length

The inflorescence is a raceme up to 30cm long, with axilliary and terminal perigynous flowers. Ovate bracts are present on the inflorescence axis. The sepals are
zygomorphic, pubescent externally, with a single lobe on the upper lip and three on the lower lip. The violet (pink to purple) papilionaceous flower petals range from 8-11mm long and bear two white spots edged with dark purple on the base of the standard. The keel and wings are glabrous. The 10 stamens are united into a group of 9 and 1
free (diadelphous). The style is curved, ovary
superior, composed of a single carpel.