---Synonyms---Mountain Pink. May Flower. Gravel Plant. Ground Laurel. Winter Pink. Shadflower
---Part Used---The leaves, used dried to make an infusion, and fresh to make a tincture.
---Habitat---The Trailing Arbutus (Epigaea repens, Linn.) is a small evergreen creeping shrub, found in sandy soil in many parts of North America, in the shade of pines. Its natural home is under trees, and it will thrive in this country only in moist, sandy peat in shady places. It has long been known in cultivation here as an ornamental plant, having been introduced into Great Britain in 1736. Like the common Arbutus, or the Strawberry Tree and the Bearberry, it belongs to the order Ericacece, the family of the heaths.


close up of flower