Stems: Unbranched, thick, without hairs, ridged, often reddish in color.

Roots: Large, fleshy tap-root, yellowish orange in color.
Flowers: Occur in clusters on the upper portion of the elongating stem, consisting of greenish sepals that become reddish-brown with age.
Fruit: An achene (2 mm long) that is triangular, glossy, and brown to reddish-brown. A papery 3-valved or 3-winged structure surrounds the achene.


Herbal Medicine uses from SusanLove, MD.

Common uses
Root traditionally used to treat skin disorders (including psoriasis), rheumatism, jaundice, scurvy, constipation, bleeding of lungs, inflammation of nasal passages and respiratory tract; and as general tonic and blood cleanser. This plant is not used in foods..Yellow dock is a botanical relative of sheep's sorrel (Rumex acetosella), one of the chief ingredients in the Essiac formula, a folk anti-cancer therapy. It is believed to minimize the debitating effects of cancer and cancer treatments.





dense flowering heads

small, many flowers