There are small triangular lobes at the top of the calyx. A flower is up to 1/6" across, while the calyx is about 1/3" long when fully mature. However, some varieties of Sleepy Catchfly have flowers without petals. When petals are present, they are white, pink, or purple, and sometimes bicolored (e.g., white on the upper side and purple on the lower side). The blooming period occurs from late spring to mid-summer, and lasts about a month. The flowers are diurnal, and open up in response to bright sunlight. There is no noticeable floral scent. The small seeds are distributed to some extent by the wind, as the slender stems sway back and forth readily. These seeds are kidney-shaped and have a bumpy surface. The root system consists of a branching taproot. Reproduction is entirely by seeds.





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